Alyssa Rodriguez Is Recipient Of Newtown Friends Of Music Scholarship

Alyssa Rodriguez, violinist, a 2010 graduate of Newtown High School and currently in her last semester at Ithaca College, where she plans to graduate this spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition, received her second scholarship from Newtown Friends of Music for this last year at college. She used her Christmas vacation to pose for a photograph with NFM Awards Chairman J. Paul Gehrett, and NFM board member Kaia M. Fahrenholz.

In a Resolution dated April 19, 2011, Newtown Friends of Music established an Annual Music Scholarship of $1,000 for a graduating high school senior who is pursuing the further study of music as a career, be it in solo performance, composition, orchestra, or the teaching of music. The scholarship is open to all students who reside in Newtown, whether or not they attend Newtown High School.

Whereas in previous years Newtown Friends of Music had sponsored Outreach Programs at all of Newtown’s schools in addition to presenting concerts at Edmond Town Hall on Sunday afternoons, to which students K through 12 are invited to come for free, since 2011 the annual scholarship has taken the place of the school outreach programs.

High School Seniors are again encouraged to apply for a small stipend to help with tuition costs when attending a university or college for the study of music. For details please call 203-426-6470.