Newtown Friends of Music - School Outreach Program foster love and understanding of live classical music in our school children

The Outreach Program consists of four parts

  1. During the week before the concert, the students are instructed in the art of listening informedly to the concert.
  2. On Sunday, the students are our guests at the concert.
  3. On Monday morning following the concert, these same world-renowned artists visit the schools and give master classes.
  4. After the outreach program, an evaluation team makes suggestions on how this program could be improved.

We believe strongly that it is important to foster understanding of live classical music in our school children. We strive to reinforce basic technical skills and to enhance the students' musicality by exposure to working with highly regarded professional musicians.

We bring our artists to the schools for master classes, and we bear all costs related to these programs. From time to time we have special fundraisers for just this purpose.

Past School Outreach Programs have included:

April 2009 - Maria Bachmann and Jon Klibonoff with 8th grade orchestra students.
February 2008 – Daedalus String Quartet at Reed Intermediate School.
March 2007 - Walden Chamber Players at the High School
October 2006 - Parker String Quartet at the Middle School
March 2006 - Cavani String Quartet at Reed Intermediate School
November 2004 - Enso String Quartet Helping Our Students
October 2004 - Antares at Newtwon Middle School
April 2004 - Cavani String Quartet with the Fifth Grade Orchestra
February 2004 - Pacifica String Quartet with the High School Orchestra
February 2003 - New York Chamber Soloists with High School Wind Ensemble
October 2002 - The American Brass Quintet with High School Band Students
March 2002 - Violinist Judith Ingolfsson with Elementary School Orchestra Students
February 2002 - The Amadeus Piano Trio with Sixth Grade Orchestra Students
April 2001 - The Alexander String Quartet with Eighth Grade String Students
November 2000 - The Ying Quartet working with High School Orchestra Students